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Tanya Doskova - Таня Доскова

Bulgarian, Canadian, American - Arizona artist Tanya Doskova is well known for her magical surrealism, socio-political satire and modern folk tales.

Таня Доскова

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Bulgarian, Canadian, American artist Tanya Doskova was born in Bulgaria in 1960.

In 1985 she received her Master of Arts degree in Printmaking from The National Academy Of Arts, the Faculty of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria.

From 1985 until 1990 Doskova run her own private Art school in Sofia, Bulgaria as well as she took part in many group shows run by The UBA. Her art was first published and recognized in May 1988 by 'Izkustvo', The Bulgarian Artist Magazine.

In 1990, Tanya moved from Sofia to London, UK, where she had her work presented in more than 20 group exhibitions and was featured in three solo exhibitions in Soho.

From 1995 to 1997 Tanya lived in Toronto, Canada where she won five major Canadian Awards from the Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators (CAPIC).

From 1998 to 2002 she did computer animation and special effects for the film industry in London, UK
and Vancouver, BC. Tanya worked in U2 and Ridley Scott's post- production house ‘The Mill’ as well as in Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and 'Double Negative' in England, and 'Rainmaker Entertainment' (Mainframe Entertainment) in Canada, creating special effects for the Hollywood motion pictures and TV series : 'Babe Pig in the City', 'Pitch Black', 'Action Man'

In recognition of her artistic achievements, Doskova has received numerous awards in US, Canada and Europe. Most recently she won and was published in the AMERICAN ILLUSTRATION (AI40) book. This annual book is showcasing the finest illustrators in America, under the creative direction of The New York Times.
Doskova also won the Communication Arts Magazine Award of Excellence in Illustration 2010 Annual Competition.
The prestigious Canadian and American awards together with the publication of her images in the Creative Source of Canada, Communication Arts Magazine and AMERICAN ILLUSTRATION gave her worldwide exposure and recognition.




Communication Arts Illustration Annual 2010
Adobe Systems GOLDEN award CAPIC 97’
CANON Canada BRONZE award CAPIC 97’
Reader's Digest MERIT award CAPIC 97’
CANON Canada GOLDEN award CAPIC96’
CANON Canada MERIT award - CAPIC 96’
John Purcell Prize 95' BEST Lithography, UK

Selected SOLO and GROUP exhibitions:

2012 - October, AIRS, the 3rd Annual International Representational Group Show, FCA, Vancouver, BC

2012 - August, POTE the 10th Annual International Group Exhibition, FCA Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2007 - Solo Show, West Vancouver Memorial Library
2004 - SOLO Show, Stanley Theater, Vancouver
1998 - Group Exhibition; Heifer Gallery, Highbury, London UK
1997 - Group Exhibition; Multimedia 97, Toronto, Canada
1997 - Group Exhibition; British Print 97, THE MALL Galleries, UK
1996 - Group Exhibition; Teodora Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1995 - Group Exhibition; Art for Youth, Royal College of Art, UK
1995 - Group Exhibition; Artists in Print, Atrium Gallery, Whitley’s, London, UK
1995 - Group Exhibition; The Hop Exchange, Southwark Festival, London, UK
1993 - SOLO Show, Ecology Center, London, UK
1990 - Group Exhibition; Bulgarian Art, Copenhagen, Denmark
1990 - Group Exhibition; '10 x 10' Group Art Show, SBH, Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia, BG

1988 - Group Exhibition; 'Small Format Graphics' Group Show, Union of Bulgarian Artists, SBH, Sofia, BG


Membership in profecional Association:

The Federation of Canadian Artists

The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC)

Malespina Printmakers Society


Communication Arts Illustration Annual Magazine 2010
CINEFEX Magazine, Pitch Black (p47) April 2000
CGI Magazine, Computer generated Imaging, June 1998
CGI Magazine, Computer generated Imaging, April 1999
Creative Source of Canada, (book) Awards Section, 1996
CAPIC Magazine, Awards for Excellence in Illustration, 1997
'IZKUSTVO' Magazine, Bulgarian Artist, May 1988

Featured Artist Awards - at US Art Festivals, Publications on TV Specials, Billboards, Placards, Magazines, News Papers T- shirts, Festival Programs (2009 -2012)

Selected US Art Shows and Festivals Awards:

Gasparilla Festival - Awards 2020, 2021

*The Featured Artist Award at TheGasparilla Art Festival 2014, Tampa, FL

*The Featured Artist Award at The Virginia Musem of Contemporary Art 2013, MOCA's Boardwalk Art Show

*The Featured Artist Award at Bayou City Art Festival Memorial Park 2012, Houston, TX.

*The Featured Artist Award at Tempe Festival of the Arts - Fall 2011, Phoenix, AZ.

*The Featured Artist Award at 2010 Woodlands Art Festival, Houston, TX.

*The Featured Artist Award at 2009 Sausalito Art Festival, San Francisco, CA.

Merit Award at Fort Worth, TX 2012.

Merit Award ArtFest Fort Myers, FL 2012.

First Place in New Media - The Beverly Hills Art Show. LA Fall 2011.

The best in digital media award from the: Dogwood Atlanta 2014: Atlanta Art Festival 2013; Park City Art Fest 2013: Tempe Festival of the Arts - Fall 2010 and spring 2012:

The Award for Creative Expression in Fiesta Art Festival, 2010 San Antonio, TX.

Merit Award in Printmaking 2009 - La Quinta Arts Festival, CA


*The Featured Artist Award in Woodlands Art Festival, Houston, TX. Represented on TV specials, Billboards and Magazines.

Tanya Doskova Art  on Billboard in Houston, TX